Polish Language Courses

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We offer Polish language courses for foreigners and for all levels, from a beginner level (A), through intermediate (B), to advanced (C).

We offer:

- effective and individualized methods and rapid progress

- focus on communication: useful everyday phrases

- unique ways of easy memorizing of vocabulary and language structures (endings!),

- practice: minimum of boring theory – maximum of interesting activities   (eg. role-play activities),

- lessons using multimedia, articles from newspapers, Polish songs, videos from Internet, fragments of Polish movies

- our expert teachers with their  excellent  knowledege of Polish can explain any language problem in a clear and cogent way.

Our courses:

1. Intensive group courses for all levels

2. Group courses in the evening for individuals working or studying

3. Individual courses for all levels

CAM01106 (1)4. Intensive individual weekend courses

5. Summer courses for children and youth of Polish descent living abroad

For students who wish to apply for a POLISH VISA, we issue official confirmation of enrollment in our Polish courses.