Polish semester group courses

We invite you for a Polish language course to our school for a semester group course for beginners and advanced!


We invite you for a very efficient and based on the best methods Polish courses. During our classes we focus on communication – speaking and understanding of a spoken language. We will teach you useful everyday’s phrases and concentrate on the most important topics (introducing yourself, shopping, ordering food, talking about hobbies, interests and work). We will share with you our knowledge and methods helping learn the vocabulary really fast (and for good!). There will be a lot of pronunciation exercises which help you to read and utter Polish words without any pain :)

Our method: role-play activities, unique ways of easy vocabulary memorizing, language games, Polish songs.


4 lessons a week, meetings twice a week (90 min + 90 min).

Small groups – 8 – 10 people (max).

It means that all students have the possibility to speak and actively participate in classes and a teacher will be able to help each person to make really a fast progress.


There is no registration fee in our school.

only 24 PLN for one lesson (one month: 384 PLN)

4 months (64 lessons): 1530 PLN

The price  includes: learning materials, evaluation tests and our certificate but not a handbook.


Send us your registration form: 






We are waiting for you! :)